We supply a wide range of produce for your animals’ nutrition in Dalby and Toowoomba. Tell us what horse, poultry, livestock feeds you may need.  We are just a call away. 


We source all our hay produce from local farmers in QLD with whom we have established long relationships. We directly collect it from the farm several times per week to maintain a reliable stock of fresh feed for your farm all year long.

Lick Blocks

We have lick blocks containing urea, molasses, vitamins, minerals and other for your livestock. Go shop with us, today.

Lick Blocks - Produce for Toowoomba and Dalby


Just like our hay, we also source our chaff locally who uses high temperature steam treatment to maintain its freshness. This ensures the chaff you buy is always of high-quality.

Chaff - Produce for Toowoomba and Dalby


Purchase your molasses in bulk or retail. Just talk to us.

Molasses - Produce for Toowoomba and Dalby 01
Molasses - Produce for Toowoomba and Dalby 02

Horse Feeds

We stock premium horse feed to supply Toowoomba & surrounding areas. The following products we have for sale are sure to promote optimum health, performance and wellbeing for your horses. See our best sellers we have in stock today.

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We also supply the following produce for your farms and livestock needs in Dalby and Toowoomba.

Tru Graze
Loose Lick
Feed Additives
  • DCP
  • Salt
  • Bi-carb
  • Bentonite 
Protein Meals
  • Full Fat Soya
  • Cottonseed Meal
  • Copra Meal

Can’t find the produce you are looking for? Tell us what you need.


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