We supply a variety of seed in the Toowoomba, Dalby area and surrounds such as the following pasture seeds:

  • Green Panic
  • Gatton Panic
  • Rhodes Grasses
  • Bisset Blue Grass
  • Pasture Blends from Heritage Seeds Meat Master Blends

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Different Types of Pasture Seeds for Animal Herds in Dalby and Toowoomba

Choosing the right pasture seeds for your animal herds in Toowoomba and Dalby could be tricky. You need to consider these as it greatly affects how these pasture seeds will grow:

  • Rainfall
  • Seeding Method
  • Soil type
  • Vegetation Cover
  • Quality of Pasture Seeds

So, it is important to choose pasture seed bags that are not filled with filler seed species and inert matter. Here at Total Rural Supplies, we ensure you know exactly what your animal herd is getting. Let’s talk.

Below is a list of recommended pasture seeding for various animal herds you may have in Dalby and Toowoomba.


Cattle Pastures

For dairy and beef cattle, choosing a pasture grass blend is one of the best options you may have. Talk to us so we can customise it based on the following:

  • regional rainfall
  • resistance to disease
  • sun tolerance

Cattle Pasture Seed Supplier for Dalby and Toowoomba

    Horse Pastures

    The sensitive digestive system of horses makes their choice of horse seed pastures a bit more complicated. They are more particular about the plants and the area where they graze. So, it requires careful planning so these pasture seeds can be properly seeded.

    We highly recommend you choose pasture seeds based on these:

    • Regional needs
    • Horse Preferences


    Goat Pastures

    Unlike other animals, goats have a different anatomy with their grazing habits. They have more tendency to eat shrub-like plants rather than pasture grasses. So, it is important to choose the right goat seed blend that is perfect to them. Let’s talk.

    Do you need help finding the perfect pasture seeds for herds not mentioned here?
    We’re happy to help. Let’s talk.